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We’re Now National Trust Members!

It’s official we are now national trust members but before let have a little catch shall we!

How’s it going it’s been a while since we created a blog post and we apologize for that but it’s for good reason we have been creating new content for our YouTube channel and Instagram page, not only that we have been training with the awesome “A Walsh Life” Mario and Rebecca they have an awesome membership site that show you techniques to travel and work anywhere! Go check them out they are awesome, not only that go and follow our link to see exclusive Instagram training!

With all that being said let’s crack on with the main bit of news.

So if you live within the UK you know what the National Trust is, if you don’t what it is we’ll let you know what its about. National Trust is a charity membership organisation that help conserve environmental and heritage across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, this includes buildings, castle, walks, beaches, forests and so on.

We have became members which means when you pay a membership you can get entry in these places for free. Which is incredible because there are 500+ national trust places to go throughout the UK. A lifetime of places to explore and document throughout our social media platforms and website.

As you know UNESCO is an international organisation that looks after world heritage sites. But what we want to know: Is there a similar organisation to the National Trust in your country?

Let us know in the comments below or leave us a post/message on our social media.

So to sum up hopefully your up to date with what we’ve been up we’ll get to explore many places within the UK to inspire you.

For now Mitch & Bex signing off

Keep Exploring

Bye For Now

Mitch & Bex

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