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Using Instagram Efficiently + Free Training

So like many people who are familiar with the social media site lnstagram, which is also owned by Facebook. We found it hard to establish our influence on Instagram and we still do but now we have found it easier by following a consistent routine of 30 minutes a day liking, commenting and following similar profiles within you’re niche.

We have also followed this incredible free online Instagram training to learn various hints, tips and strategies to increase influence

Our friends and mentors at ‘A Walsh Life‘ Mario and Rebecca Walsh have created this training to share important information.

This training has given us ideas from organisation of Instagram, how to theme our pictures, increasing our followers by using a routine and more. We don’t want to give away too much information so we recommend this training a great deal. Below you can follow the link to the free training and learn to new skills today!

So I hope it helps to grow your Instagram influence.

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Mitch & Bex

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