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Up-cycled DSLR Nikon D5000 Product Review

In this post we review a product it’s not a brand new item so let’s call it an “upcylced” item this camera is a DSLR Nikon D5000 this product was recommended to me by my dad as he’s got one too the only different is that we brought a lens we’ll get onto that later in the post. This is an old-school camera that was produced in 2009 and its perfect step up for those that are using bridge camera because we had a bridge camera which is the Nikon L840 bridge camera and that was okay and I still like using it but I thought I need something to develop my skills now. Upcylcing is a great way to bring a product back to life by buying a second-hand camera body only, just purchase the lens. So the camera specs it’s a standard DSLR camera which has a standard 18mm to 55mm lens and it’s got all the different settings you’ve got manual, aperture, scene and auto all sorts of different options which are useful for any ability and it’s a sturdy camera it’s decent, very strong, stable, suitable for vlogging and photography which is great for us while on the move.


  • It’s got a viewfinder as well so you can see before you shoot.
  • The screen is full rotational to help selfie shot when vlogging.
  • Various settings such as manual, aperture, scene and auto.
  • Great for vlogging and photography.


  • No 3mm mic jack on the camera so will have to adapt
  • No wireless connection to allow easy upload to phone/computer
  • No touch screen like the more modern cameras
  • No full HD video

Pentax Helios 44 – 58mm lens

This is an old lens so you have to use manual settings as it doesn’t work with the zoom on the camera, manual zoom and aperture which are use for bokeh shots with a blurred background for creative shots. I like the Bokeh lens because of the nice effect creates on the video/photo with nice blurry background.

How I use my camera

When we are filming in our study we use a tripod the camera is then plugged into the laptop with a program called “digicamcontrol” to allow us to see a live preview, making sure we’re in centre and all set. When out and about we either take the camera as it is or we use something called a gun handle at the bottom of the camera which. Is like a gun handle which I can do vlogging then which would be quite suitable.

Recommended products we use


Overall I would recommend a DSLR Nikon D5000 as I prefer to use products that created for a specific job although I do use my android phone for a lot of filming and photography. The camera is suitable for our needs and it’s still fairly competitive in the market for its age. So to wrap up you don’t necessarily need a brand new camera to create the shots that I’ve created in my videos and photos if you want to buy a brand new camera straight away for a beginner then go ahead but in my opinion I would recommend if you are learning use a point and shoot to such as a bridge camera then move onto a DSLR to start to develop your skills and I would also suggest getting a second-hand camera that you can still use and it’s still very high quality camera to use.

Use the second hand with second-hand lenses and get your skills up to scratch and then decide to get a new DSLR eventually down a line you can sell this on and they still have some decent value in these second-hand cameras I bought my camera for about 150 quid and about £50 for a lens there it’s reasonable pricing. Let us know in the comments below what you thought of this product review.

Mitch signing out keep exploring!

Bye for now!

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