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Travelling Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive and this post. I’m gonna share with you that you ways to travel on a budget and enjoy the experience.

With the ability to travel anywhere you want throughout the world nowadays. Some travellers who I’ve seen on Instagram, go to the most exclusive places in the world and it’s probably resulted in two ways. They’ve found a deal with cheap flights and hotels which is a great way to do it or they’ve paid a lot of money to secure it.

I know many travellers like ourselves want to tick places off on their ‘to do lists’. But travelling doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to break the bank and you can do it on a budget.

Don’t need to break the bank

How I hear you cry?

Simple, if you look closer to home and see what’s on your door step. You can have an amazing travel experience and some memories to create without the big cost. For Example in the UK where we live. You can look for your local nature reserves and National Trust locations (throughout the UK) and they’re only a few hours drive. UK has some beautiful landscapes up and down the country. Book yourself into a B&B or a hotel and get yourself outdoors and start exploring.


National Trust website throughout the UK there are tonnes of things to do just put in the destination and there’s a adventure near by. Some are free and some a small cost for parking or entrance.

Waterfalls again, throughout the UK there’s tonnes of waterfalls just a google search away. People tend to share information on websites to various falls they vary. From difficulty, scale of falls and length of walk.

Walks with loads of hills and mountainous areas in the UK you are spoilt for choice so check this post here with tonnes of ideas.


So to sum up you can travel anywhere on your doorstep it just takes a little research and you can create your own memories and stories.

Thanks for reading

Keep exploring, BYE FOR NOW

Mitch & Bex

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