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Rain, Rain Go Away, It’s JUNE!

As the song goes; rain, rain go away, come back again another day, or should I say next season!

The start of June hasn’t exactly started in well in terms of weather, as it’s supposed to be summer, to some people it brings their mood down to others it gives a different perspective of the world and photo opportunities, then finally there’s travellers like us and a little bit of the wet stuff but shouldn’t stop us going out and about on our adventures wherever you desire to go. We have took the opportunities in the past to explore in various locations such as Scotland and we still had a great time, as long as your well prepared with your waterproofs, walking boots and maybe you’re umbrella and your good to go!

Check out some of footage where we braved the weather previously.

To finish just put the bad weather behind you take your waterproofs get out there and explore.

So for now Mitch and Bex signing out

Keep exploring!

Bye for now

Mitch and Bex

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  1. So true! Like I always say… there’s no such thing as bad weather just people being under prepared 👍🏻

    • Absolutely and the weather doesn’t really effect your mood, people need to have more positive thinking, audiobook and positive wellbeing books!

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