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Photography: Lens Ball Pros & Cons

So as you may be aware this new trend in photography equipment. Some photographers use this item to create really creative photos and this tool is known as a Lens Ball. Which is a clear glass Sphere that alters various subjects in different ways.

In today’s post we’re going share with you some pros and cons of this trending item.


They create some fantastic looking photos from landscapes to architecture. Making a new unique way of capturing subjects. These lens balls come in various sizes to make them portable to take them anywhere. Simple to use place it near the subject and angle your camera in various directions to create different shots. Below are some examples from a friend of ours.


They can be a fire hazard as they have similar properties to a magnifying glass. Which can cause smoke and possibly fire. You can also burn your hand if you’re holding it when in the sun. Also as the Lens Ball is round you could be on a tall building with a risk of the Lens Ball rolling off the edge it could fall and cause damage.

fire hazard
falling objects

Prevent hazards

In the previous section we wrote about the safety concerns. With the risk of the lens ball being a fire hazard and possibility of it falling off the edge. Here a some ways to prevent this. To prevent a fire hazard try to keep it out of the sun or direct sunlight. To prevent the lens ball from falling some of them can be brought with a flat base or try not to leave it near the edge, trying to take care in various situations.

Sum up

To sum up, lens balls are fantastic tools in a photographers arsenal, to create stunning photos and a new way to capture subjects. We love seeing these photos on Instagram and may consider one, in the meantime those who do have one, keep taking awesome photos and just be wary of some of the safety issues, safe capturing!

I hope this post has given inspiration to the new lens ball trend and be aware this is purely our opinion and you can take any information and your opinion away from this post.

But for now keep capturing and keep exploring!

Bye for now!

Mitch & Bex

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