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Lake Garda Review

Lake Garda

In this blog post we’re reviewing Lake Garda in Italy.

We visited Lake Garda in August last year for our main holiday we were there for a week.

It’s a huge lake it’s the biggest lake in Italy, however the lake was bigger than we anticipated. So we actually thought it was gonna be quite a small lake but it goes on for miles. You can get around the lake via many ferry trips. We stayed in a hotel near Sirmione which is home to Scaliger Castle. In a nice hotel with the view looking over the bay across the lake. Another town called Malcesine where Mount Baldo was. In addition, there were many other beautiful little towns. They are nice traditional Italian towns, quite unique.

Scaliger Castle


The place was very beautiful from traditional sites to amazing landscapes. The weather and ambience was amazing, beautiful place all around. There are many landscapes to go and take cracking photos of. If photography is something your interested in. There are loads of photos opportunity you can take advantage of and it’s a very nice place to go.


It’s very expensive like any other city or popular location, the meals ranged from
€12 to €20 per person some of the food was literally as it was described on the menu. If you wanted tuna for example you literally got tuna steak on a plate no side salads, or other sides. It felt a bit touristy than authentic traditional Italian lifestyle and culture and they knew it was touristy, as they seemed to put higher prices on for tourists, I felt it didn’t give off a real, traditional Italian vibe.

To Sum Up

It’s a gorgeous once in a lifetime place to explore and experience I still would recommend visited, just be aware of price and be aware that it’s probably the authentic Italian experience you would hope for but it’s definitely a place worth thinking about and looking into.

I hope this review has given you an insight to Lake Garda and has assisted you in making a decision in travelling to.

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Keep Exploring.


Mitch & Bex

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