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Just A Quick Hello!

Hey guys how’s it going Mitch aka TheBeardedTraveller and Becky aka MsTraveller.. oh no MrsTraveller and as you may be aware we’re  just doing a check-in video/post really to give you guys an update what’s going on and the reason why we’ve been quiet.

We Got Married

The BIG reason why we’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks now, is because we got married on the 6th of July,  two weeks ago Saturday 6th of July we still have loads of balloons in the house but obviously the reason why we haven’t been doing anything YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and website because we’ve been so busy doing wedding stuff.
It’s been two and a half years prior in the making and finally got to the big day which was fantastic day and we are probably going to share some photos on either Instagram or our Facebook page, we will be back soon sharing exclusive footage with you soon, we have got footage and everything to share with you it’s just that we haven’t had time to be able to share it with you guys.

Upcoming Projects

We do have some projects coming up soon, yeah we were doing a lot of wedding stuff for me (Mitch) I was especially doing all the computer stuff, doing wedding service books, menus table layouts some bits and bobs so yeah it was very busy and very time-consuming but in the end it was a very very special day.  Now we are staring life and Mr & Mrs Houlston aka BeardedTraveller & MrsTraveller.
We’ve got our honey moon coming up soon in Portugal we may share the footage with you. So yeah for now  we have checked in with you guys, you’ll see us on the flip-side either on YouTube. Instagram and Facebook
Mitch aka BeardedTraveller  and Becky aka MrsTraveller signing out
Keep Exploring!
Bye for now
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